Vermont In The Spanish-American War

Prepared and Published under the direction of Herbert T. Johnson, The Adjutant General. By Authority of The General Assembly, 1929 Montpelier, Vt. 1929.

Foreword - By Hon. Frank L. Greene, U.S.S., Formerly Captain, Co. B, 1st Regt., Vt. Vols.

In recording the part which the sons of Vermont played in the Spanish-American War it is only necessary to mention the names of three Vermonters to immediately bring to one's attention the very important part which Vermont had in this war, Proctor, Dewey, Clark.

In no similar period in the history of the nation have the sons of Vermont exerted so powerful an influence in moulding public opinion and shaping national affairs as during this eventful year.

First Vermont Infantry

Deaths in First Vermont Infantry

Roster of First Vermont Infantry

Officers, U.S. Army - Born in, or appointed from, Vermont

Officers, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps - Born in, or appointed from Vermont


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