George Washington

Born: February 22, 1732 in Wakefield, Virginia.

Married: Mrs. Martha Dandridge Custis January 6, 1759.

Died: December 14, 1799, age 67.

Buried: Mount Vernon, Virginia

Children: (step) John Parke Custis (1754 - 1781), and Martha Parke Custis (1756 - 1773)

College: None

Religion Episcopalian

Occupation: Planter, Surveyor, Military, President of the United States.

Military Rank: General

President George Washington

President number: First President of U.S.

Political Party: None (Washington opposed the idea of political parties)

Vice President: John Adams

Age at Inauguration: 57

Served: 1789-1797

Number of terms: 2

Other Offices or Commissions: President of Constitutional Convention, Lieutenant General and Commander in Chief of new United States Army.

Only President to be elected unanimously.

Only President inaugurated in 2 cities - New York and Philadelphia

Only President that did not live in the White House, although he was involved in the planning of the Capitol.

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