French and Indian War:

The French and Indian War (1754 to 1763) is the common American name for the war between Great Britain and France in North America. In 1756, the war erupted into the world-wide conflict known as the Seven Year War and thus came to be regarded as the North American theater of that war. In Canada, it is usually just referred to as the Seven Year War, although French Canadians often call it La guerre de la Conquete ("The War of Conquest"). In Europe, there is no specific name for the North American part of the war. The name refers to the two main enemies of the British colonists: the royal French forces and the various Native American forces allied with them, although Great Britain also had Native allies.

French And Indian War

Date: 1754 - 1763

Location: North America

Result: British Victory Treaty of Paris

Territorial Changes: France cedes Canada to Great Britain, retaining Saint Pierre et Miquelon, and transfers Louisiana to Spain; Spain cedes Florida to Great Britain


France Wabanaki Confederacy Algonquin
Caughnawaga Mohawk

Great Britain

Iroquois Confederacy
Cherokee (before 1758)

Commanders and leaders

Louis-Joseph de Montcalm
Marquis de Vaudreuil
Baron Dieskau (POW)
Francois-Marie de Lignery
Chevalier de Levis (POW)
Joseph de Jumonville
Marquis Duquesne

Great Britain
Jeffery Amherst
Edward Braddock
James Wolfe
Earl of Loudoun
James Abercrombie
Edward Boscawen
George Washington
John Forbes

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