The War of 1812: Battles

18 JuneDeclaration of War
12 July Hull invades Canada
17 July U.S. surrender of Mackinac
5 August Battle of Brownstown
9 August Battle of Monguagon
15 August Fort Dearborn Massacre
16 August Surrender of Detroit
19 August USS Constitution Vs. HMS Guerriere
13 October Battle of Queenston
18 October USS Wasp vs. HMS Frolic
25 October USS United States vs. HMS Macedonian
29 December USS Constitution vs. HMS Java
18 January First engagement at Frenchtown (Michigan Territory)
22 January Battle of Frenchtown (Michigan Territory)
22 February British raid Ogdensburg, New York
23 January Massacre of prisoners at Frenchtown (Michigan Territory)
24 February USS Hornet vs. HMS Peacock
15 April United States takes Mobile, Mississippi Territory
27 April Battle of York
28 April-9 May Siege of Fort Meigs
15 May Sack of Havre de Grace, Maryland
27 May Battle of Fort George
29 May Battle of Sacket's Harbor
1 June HMS Shannon vs. USS Chesapeake
6 June Battle of Stoney Creek
22 June Battle of Craney Island, Virginia
24 June United States surrender at Beaver Dams
25-26 June Battle of and Sack of Hampton, Virginia
11 July British raid on Black Rock, New York
27 July Battle of Burnt Corn Creek
2 August British attack on Fort Stephenson
10 August Battle of St. Michael's
14 August HMS pelican vs. USS Argus
30 August Fort Mims Massacre
5 September USS Enterprise vs. HMS Boxer
10 September Battle of Lake Erie
5 October Battle of the Thames
26 October Battle of Chateauguay
1 November Battle of French Greek
3 November Battle of Tallushatchee
9 November Battle of Talladega
11 November Battle of Chrysler's Farm
18 November Hillabee Massacre
29 November Battle of Autosee
10 December U.S. Burning of Newark
18 December Forty Niagara falls to British
18 December British destruction of Lewiston, New York
19 December British capture of Fort Niagara
23 December Battle of Econochaca
30 December British burning of Black Rock and Buffalo
22 January Battle of Emuckfau Creek
24 January Battle of Enitochopco
27 January Battle of Calabee Creek
27 March Battle of Horseshoe Bend (tohopeka)
28 March HMS Phoebe and Cherub vs. USS Essex
30 March Battle of La Colle Mill
29 April USS Peacock vs. HMS Epervier
6 May Battle of Oswego
15 May U.S. burning of port Dover
30 May Battle of Sandy Creek
28 June USS Wasp vs. HMS Reindeer
July U.S. surrender of Prairie du chien
3 July Battle of Fort Erie
5 July Battle of Chippewa
25 July Battle of Lundy's Lane
3 August Battle of Conjocta Creek
3 August British seizure of Hampden
9-11 August British attempt to retake Fort Erie
15 August Battle of Bladensburg
24 August Battle of Bladensburg
24 August British occupy Washikngton, D. C.
30 August Battle of Caulk's Field
5 September Battle of Beakmantown
7 September USS Wasp vs. HMS Avon
11 September Battle of Lake Champlain
11 September Battle of Plattsburg
12-13 SeptemberBattle of Baltimore
15 September British attempt to take Fort Bowyer
17 September U.S. sorties from Fort Erie
19 October Battle of Cook's Mills
7 November United States takes Pensacola
15 December Battle of Lake Borgne
23 December Battle at Villere Plantation
24 December Treaty of Ghent signed
8 January Battle of New Orleans
14 January HMS Endymion, Tenados, pomone vs. USS President
11 February British capture Fort Bowyer
17 February War offially ends with U. S.-British exchanged of ratications
20 February USS Constitution vs. HMS Cyane and Levant
23 March USS Hornet vs. HMS Penguin
15 April Dartmoor Prison Massacre
30 June USS Peacock vs. HMS Nautilus

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